Many of you have seen us in our yellow Lions vest selling brooms and mops, pecans and at the Hot Dog Supper and Free Bingo. These are the events that raise money to carry out a multitude of projects throughout the year. Behind the scenes there is much activity.

  • Provide eye exams and prescription glasses for those unable to afford such care.

  • Provide readers and sunglasses to organizations undertaking mission trips to Central and South America.  

  • Provide free vision screening for people of all ages especially elementary and middle school students.

  • Provide tuition for teens with diabetes to attend Camp Seale-Harris.

  • Provide tuition for students at Scottsboro High to attend a Leadership Conference.

  • Provide three scholarships for graduating seniors at Scottsboro High School to further their education.

  • Provide outreach to the ARC of Jackson County.

  • Provide donations to civic organizations working to beautify Scottsboro.

  • Provide monies to purchase American Chestnut trees as an environmental project and provide the continuing care needed for these trees.

                             January through April

While most of our activities occur between the months of May and December we are busy during the late months of winter and the early months of spring planning and preparing for those activities. For instance vision screening is provided free of charge at local schools. Eye care that includes an examination and a prescription for glasses is also provided  throughout the year at no cost to the patient. We also continue to sort, clean and pack glasses donated by UNCLAIMED BAGGAGE. The sorting, cleaning and packing is done by clients of the ARC of Jackson County. This outreach to the community takes place each Tuesday and Friday morning at Hollis Memorial Methodist Church on South Broad Street. It is also during this time that we begin evaluating the applications from senior class students who have requested financial assistance to continue their education.

                                  May through July

In early May you will find Scottsboro Lions Club members selling brooms and mops. On a Friday near the middle of May prior to the Catfish Festival on Saturday we provide a hot dog lunch with chips and a drink for members of the ARC of Jackson County and clients from the Volunteers of America homes. We provide the lunch free of charge to approximately one-hundred visitors.Prior to the lunch the clients go fishing for catfish in the Tennessee River at County Park.

Near mid-May we award three scholarships each in the amount of $2,000 to deserving graduates of Scottsboro High School.

This year we celebrated the 80th birthday of the Scottsboro Lions Club

In June we begin the arduous task of preparing for the Annual Hot Dog Supper and Free Bingo. Preparations will continue until approximately 6 PM when we open the doors to the Civic Center at Goose Pond. Prizes awarded are donations from businesses and corporations located in Scottsboro. Attendance always approaches 500, tickets are available from any Lions Club member or can be purchased at FNB or the Chamber of Commerce at $12.00 each. If you chose you can buy eight tickets for a total of $120.00 which will reserve a table of eight for your party.

 During the first three weeks of August all Scottsboro Lions Club members are busy soliciting prizes to be awarded at the Hot Dog Supper and Free Bingo, posting flyers announcing the event and selling tickets. Look up your favorite Lion and buy a ticket or two. Most prizes won by the participants have a value exceeding $250.00.

Mark your calendar for Saturday August 24th. The Scottsboro Lions Club wilI stage their annual Hot Dog Supper and Free Bingo at the Civic Center. Doors open at 6:00PM.

Scottsboro Lions Club concluded the Annual Hot Dog Supper and Free Bingo at approximately 9:20 PM on Saturday August 24th. It was a rousing success. Hey Scottsboro are you ready for Bingo?

                                                                        PECAN SEASON

Beginning on about November 15, 2019. Just past the mid-point of the college football season and it is now pecan season.You will find Lion's Club Members selling PECANS  on Fridays and Saturdays at the following locations. Foodland, Piggly-Wiggly, Ollies and at the corner of Parks and Broad Streets. Prices can be found on the Lion's Club website

Just click on the Pecan Sales page of this site.

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