Scottsboro Lions Club will provide financial assistance for an eye exam and prescription glasses for those who qualify.

To determine if you may qualify contact Ema Tubbs at DHR, phone 


The amount Scottsboro Lions Club will pay is limited to $145.00 and the examination and filling of the prescription must be completed within ninty(90) days of approval by DHR.

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Vision screenings are also provided at no cost at local schools as well as other events such as the Senior Expo 2018 (shown above).  Contact: Scottsboro Lions Club through their Email address: 




March 19, 2018 Lions Mark Pierson, Tim Kinnison, Wouter Dieperink and Jackie Graham provided vision screenings at Collins Elementary School for 125 6th Grade students at no cost to the school or the parents of the students. Twelve of the students had abnormal vision and the parents of these students were notified to take the student along with the report to an Optometrist.

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