Thanks to everyone for the support during the Lions Club Annual Pecan Sale. We look  forward to seeing you this November and December.

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The stated purposes of Lions Club International are:

  •   To Organize,charter and supervise service clubs to be known as Lions clubs.

  •    To Coordinate the activities and standardize the administration of Lions clubs.

  •     To Create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world.

  •     To promote the principles of good government and good citizenship.

  •     To Take an active interest in the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of the     


  •     To Unite the clubs in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding.

  •     To Provide a forum for the open discussion of all matters of public interest; provided,      

            however that partisan politics and sectarian religion shall not be debated by club     


  •     To Encourage service-minded people to serve their community without personal financial

            reward and to encourage efficiency and promote high ethical standards in commerce,   

            industry, professions, public works and private endeavors.




The above was transcribed from a Wikipedia article, the footnote to which attributes the information to an archived"Leadership Development                                                                                                       Program" from Lions International.

The grey button at the top of the page is a page identifier only.