“Tim Guffey, Chairman of the Jackson County Commission recently spoke to the Scottsboro Lions Club.  The good news in Jackson County is that the county is thriving and growing.  The biggest problem for the county is funding where revenues are down about $1.1 million in the past six years.  The Commission has cut 27 jobs and wasteful spending.  TVA in lieu of tax funding has dropped from $2 million to $0.9 million leaving the current annual expenditures at about $20 million.  Comparably DeKalb County’s annual budget/revenue is about $30.  Over a period of years additional funding has been incorporated into the DeKalb County revenue flow allowing some growth in expenditures.  Jackson County needs about $25-26 million annual revenue to be able to address needs such as road and bridge problems.  Right now there are 1,163 miles of county roads to maintain and it will take about 140 years to do just that.  There is also a shortfall in available emergency funds which stands at about $900,000 whereas Marshall County has about $10 million for emergencies.  There is a dire need for additional revenue, and Chairman Guffey is working with the legislative delegation to come up with ways to increase revenues.  As can be seen the drop in TVA revenues is a problem, but it is only a small part of the overall shortage to meet minimum funding needs of the county.  Lions President Elna Matthews thanks Chairman Guffey.”

Phillip Chaney, General Manager of the Scottsboro Electric Power Board (SEPD), addressed the Scottsboro Lions Club.  SEPD is celebrating their 80thyear of providing electric service.  He talked about their myusage prepaid program which helps people manage their electric power usage.  He also discussed how to go to the website to determine extent of any power outage (areas affected), and recent major substation work. Lion President Elna Mathews thanks Mr. Chaney.

New Scottsboro Lions Club members Bill Allbritton (2nd from left)and Belinda Ballard (2nd from right) are welcomed by Lions President Elna Mathews(center) and sponsors Jake Word (left) and Bill Knight (right).

Larry Becker accepts a $1,000 donation on behalf of the Scottsboro Lions Club towards the Phase II development of the Veterans Memorial Park of Jackson County.  Becker reported that the phase I infrastructure has been completed at a cost of $290,000.  Phase II includes five Service monuments, Prisoner of War and Missing in Action monuments, the Honor Wall (7 granite panels), the Pavilion, and the Kiosks at a cost of $250,000.  The goal is park completion and dedication on 11 November 2019.  Donations are needed and may be sent to 1616 Heroes Drive in Scottsboro 35768.  A video was also presented to the Lions which showed a most impressive Phase I infrastructure already completed that honors Jackson County Veterans.

Kathy Mitchell from the Impact Learning Center spoke to the Scottsboro Lions Club about the Impact Learning Center activities.  20 years ago 42% of all Jackson County high school graduates did not have a high school diploma.  Now 92% have a diploma.  Also if someone drops out of school they lose their driver’s license until they reach 18.  Lions President Elna Matthews thanks Ms. Mitchell.

The Scottsboro Lions Club commences their Annual Broom & Mop Sale starting this weekend.  Lions will be at Piggly Wiggly, Foodland, and Parks & Broad from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays starting this weekend, April 26th, and for the following two weekends in May.  Brooms and mop sale proceeds go to provide for eye exams and eye glasses (51 people have been served so far this fiscal year), and other community projects such as Christmas Charities and high school graduate college scholarships.  John Powell (right), Lions 3rd Vice President, is in charge of this year’s sales.  Also shown is Lions 1st Vice President Phil Kimmel.  Go help the Lions make a clean sweep.

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